Women on Banknotes

An inspirational documentary on the story of its appearance the first banknote in a former communist country with a female symbol.

Directed by Tedy Necula

Writer: Alexandra Axinte
1h 30min

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +40734 394 616

An inspirational documentary on the story of the appearance of the first Romanian banknote with a female symbol.

We will launch it with the banknote, as a manifesto inspirational, given to women of any age.
Because they all matter! And with the advent of the first banknotes, we want to raise the World consciousness in the direction the feminine values we cherish.
The film will be a docu-drama, feature film, produced by Palafilm and directed by Tedy Necula.
He will follow all this approach, sprinkled from place to place with over 15 portraits of Romanian female personalities in history.
Its launch, online and offline (when the pandemic will allow it) will go around the festivals to celebrate this historic event and internally, we want to reach schools and universities. To lend a helping hand to the history book that has some missing pages

A historical act. Which puts us among the countries with a culture civilized in which deserving women in history are not kept hidden. Janina along with a team of volunteers started a petition by which the Romanians chose from 100 women who have put Romania on the map over time, a first represented on a banknote. This success puts us ahead of America that has not reached this performance although President Obama had greeted a such a project, starting from a simple but good woman intentions.