Type: Drama, Fiction

Proposal: Film or TV Mini-Series

Audience: Male, 35 – 55 years
Direct – USA, EUROPE,
Indirect – Rest of the world

Budget estimated: 8$ million
Distribution: Netflix, World Wide

Contact BOX

Marian Mario

[email protected]
+40 0734.394.616


~project proposal~

Short Description


In a world of populists where people only talk about what is politically correct and what we like to hear. In a classroom, a philosophy teacher experiences a moment of revelation, realizing that he is living in a parallel and distant reality.

His revelation creates a radicalization in the chain, which has the effect of demolishing this reality. Few survivors left in the struggle between those who wanted to maintain the status quo and the administrative power classes and the radicals wake up on a mountain of rubble. By tearing down the past and the future, they find themselves in the position of creating a new reality by applying all the knowledge they had at their disposal, which leads them to extinction.



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